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Posted by on Jun 22, 2017 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

How to Stay Healthy When on a Desk Job

How to Stay Healthy When on a Desk Job

It is the common way of life of the past two to three generations to hold office jobs. From primarily agricultural and industrial societies, there are now more desk workers compared to how it was before the 1950s. As much as it is unfortunate that more people now have to confine themselves in cubicles and offices, this change has given rise to more women and seniors in the workplace. As sexist and unfair as it sounds, we have to accept that this is the evolution of the workplace in the last fifty years.

Holding a desk job presents a lot of advantages. You can stay out of dangerous work areas where you have to work in fields, highways, mines, and manufacturing facilities, among others. It is more convenient for you to get home when you need to, to contact your loved ones, and to take a break when you need to. Desk jobs have provided convenience to more people that were not seen in previous generations.

However, office jobs present a lot of problems, too, and mainly they pertain to health concerns. Because you have to sit all day, you now burn fewer calories, and you don’t give your body enough mobility so it can function at its best. There are a lot of health issues associated with too much sitting. And when you have to do it five days a week and eight hours a day, it says a lot about the disadvantages of holding desk jobs on your health.

It is not easy to get away from desk jobs unless you are in a field that requires you to stay outdoors. If you are an environmental engineer, anthropologist, tour guide, or geologist, then you may have a lot of job opportunities that allow you to stay outdoors. However, if you are an accountant or software engineer, then you can expect to have jobs that will require of you to stay indoors. If you cannot take staying indoors for long periods, then find a career that suits your preference.

Desk jobs provide a lot of opportunities worldwide. When you look at a job portal, there are more office-based jobs compared to field-based ones. The results say a lot about the priorities of many companies, and that is to have people who can man the office, its systems, and processes. When you look for a job, most likely you will get an offer that is office-based.

Since holding a desk job makes it harder for you to stay fit and healthy, how do you gain better health while keeping your office job? Here are some of the tips that can help you stay on track:

1. Consider switching to a standing desk

Most companies are now investing on standing desks that allow their staff to move from a sitting to a standing position whenever they want to. It is one of the biggest changes in many workplaces now, but unfortunately, not everyone is following suit.

If your company is not yet making these changes, then consider investing on a portable standing desk that you can also bring at home. Standing while working takes a bit of practice to get used to, but you will eventually love it especially when you know it allows you to stay active while at work.

2. Take regular breaks

Your breaks do not have to be long. Just by standing, getting a drink, or walking around for every hour can make a big difference to your health. These short breaks keep you active and so, aim to have these short walks during your work day.

Find every way to keep active. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Do not have water in stock at your desk, so you will always have to go to the water dispenser area to get your drink. These simple things can help you achieve better health even while working in an office.

Keeping a desk job can prove to be a challenge when you want to stay in shape. But these simple tweaks can help you stay active even while working in an office. You don’t have to use your job as a reason for your bad health!


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